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Love is your


You do not need to earn it.

Love is your

essential nature.



ISTA is a Mystery School of spiritual sexual shamanic practice.

Our week-long trainings help people reclaim power, ecstatic joy, and authentic truth, meet the mission of their soul and rise as new-paradigm leader. 

Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA training over the past 15 years and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious ways of being.

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Are you ready to transform your life? 


Then this experiential 7-day event is for you.


This life changing transformational intensive focuses on allowing the integration of all aspects of our Being;

mind, body, sexuality, emotions and spirit.


The deep transformation comes through reconnecting with our personal power by clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to our sexuality and authenticity. 

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Are you ready for the greater mysteries?

The Level 2 training provides us with the opportunity to take initiation to shift our identity into the soul and become the source of our own life, love and empowered expression in the world.


Once the life is ‘taken over’ by this deeper part of ourselves then we are ready for the greater mysteries.

The self becomes a source of inflowing current.

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Alina Isaac


My experience at ISTA was beyond words...

The work was deeply moving. A beautiful flow among the facilitators, a lovely group of participants and assistants.

I remember the first time we all sat together - I felt instantly at home, dropping into a group-heart vibration, a blissful sense of belonging.

The lead facilitator Rex Rafiq has such a remarkable level of presence, subtlety and gentleness, such invitational power to transmit. Shamanicaly, energetically, I was transported... transformed.

A year and a half later, I still feel the transmission in my bones... an oceanic silence, powerful, resonant...


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