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DATES 2024

November 19-25

check-in @ 12 pm - ends @ 3 pm



The trainings are held by facilitators with different backgrounds, that come together to offer the best of their practices to empower and support your inner work and give you a transmission of embodied spirtitual and shamanic practice.

ISTA is committed to modelling power sharing, facilitating in trios supported by a core team of assistants.


This skilled Temple Arts Faculty- all international teachers- will share, inspire, guide and support you to bring light to the shadows where your power awaits to be reclaimed.

Click on the links below to learn more about this triad of ISTA faculty co-creating this particular journey.


Co Facilitator

Ashisha is a native german speaker, born in Austria and has traveled the globe to find the universal language, turned towards the imagination of the heart, the language of the inner space. 


To support souls to awaken to their eternal core fire has become her primary calling in life.



Lead Facilitator

A native New Zealander with a global heart, Rex Rafiq has been leading transformational programmes for 25 years.


He has a solid reputation for leading potent rites of passage and known for his wise and playful style and ability to hold people with love while they shed their skin.



Co Facilitator

Dawn is an American living part time in America- NYC and teaching internationally.


Her work is focused on enlivening people to live love at their great power, using methods of movement, ritual and theater.


She also serves this vision as a lead facilitator for ISTA.



The beautiful venue lies literally in the heart of Europe, situated in the bavarian country side, between soft hills, surrounded by fields and forest. 

This gem in the bavarian forest national park is located in beautiful southern Germany, between Nuremberg and Prague and aprox. 200km from Munich in a small village called Schönsee. 
Reachable by public transport and shuttle/taxi.


The venue has been a place of community and exploration of love since 2014 and has become one of the heart centers for retreats in the realms of conscious connection, contact impro, tantra and conscious sexuality in southern Germany.

We are hosted by the Nature Community in a traditional Bavarian style hotel/ guesthouse.

The hotel offers single, double and triple rooms as well as dorms with ensuite bathrooms.



Prices include 7 days of training and 6 nights of accommodation

regular  2100,-€

repeater  1700,-€

assistants (ISTA grads only, on approval) 1100,-€

experienced assistants 1000,-€

Please note if you want to do both Level 1 and Level 2 and its your first time in Level 1, the Lead facilitator will meet with you after Level 1 to confirm if you are ready for Level 2 or not. We cannot guarantee your acceptance into Level 2, before you have completed Level 1 and the lead reflection process.

All payments include:

  • Full days of transformational process and teachings

  • All the training experiences and supplies 

  • All nights of accommodation from start to end in a shared room (longer stay, early arrival and upgrade to a private room are possible with additional costs - please inquire) 

  • Three full vegan/vegetarian meals per day cooked with organic and mainly regional products

  • Unlimited tea, coffee and purified or fresh spring water 24/7 

  • Graduates get online access to a Global tribe of ISTA graduates (incl. community events, “ISTA CouchSurfing” and regional tribal gatherings)

NOTE:  Tuition excludes any incurred costs getting to and away from the venue and additional purchases made at the retreat.







Complete the registration form:


To be ready for the Level 2 journey, Level 1 needs to be integrated.
Many people repeat L1 one or more times before coming to L2.
There are good reasons for this. There needs to be a strong sense of a personal self before entering into the transpersonal and soul realms and dying to over identification with the personal self.

If you would like to support the trainings as an assistant (only ISTA graduates!), please contact


Reserve your space with a 500€ deposit 

Wise bank details for EUR:


Account holder: Sylvia Manuela Tröger
IBAN: BE95 9670 3834 3658
Wise's address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels, 1050  Belgium


Wise bank details for USD:


Account holder: Sylvia Manuela Tröger
Routing number: 026073008
Account number: 8310321832
Wise's address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor,
New York NY 10010,United States


Paypal account:

make sure you send as "family and friends" to avoid fees to

Write your full name and Level 2 in the transfer form.

Please note that you are responsible for any additional transaction fees.




You will receive a confirmation email with all additional details within 1-7 days of making your deposit and filling the form. 

Within this email you will find the bank details of the venue to process the payment for accomodation directly to them. 

This payment is due latest 30 days before the event.


Contact the organizer with any questions:


The remaining balance for the training is due latest on October 10, 2024 if you pay by bank transfer.

You can also decide to bring the balance in cash to the event. In that case please inform the organiser before October 10, 2024.

You will only be accepted to the training once the complete fee is paid.


By sending the filled form and paying the deposit you agree to the following terms and conditions:

A commitment to the spiritual sexual shamanic training is a deep commitment to yourself.

It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to this training, it is no accident.


If for some reason you become unable to attend the training, a €250 admin fee will be withheld and is non-refundable in any case, up until 30 days before the event.

Once the 30 days before the training have passed, the total deposit of €500 is non-refundable. Other paid amounts will be refunded (exclusive any transaction fees)

If you cancel with less than 15 days before the start date of training, NO REFUNDS will be issued.

In case you decide to leave the training, there is no refund applicable.

In the case the training is cancelled by the organizer, any amount you paid will be refunded (excluding the bank charges).

If we cancel an event, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of further costs (loss of earnings, travel and accommodation costs, etc.). Event fees/deposits/registration fees that have already been paid will be refunded.


Below conditions will be accepted as force majeure and also result in a full refund excluding bank charges:

* Death or documented severe disease of first or second degree relatives.

* Documented severe disease of the participant.

* Country of the participant closing the borders so that the participant will not be able to travel.

* Germany closing the borders for the participant. This does not include issues related to entry visa.


Below conditions will NOT be accepted as Force Majeure:

* Country of the participant requiring quarantine when the participant comes back.

* Cancellation of flights or other means of transport.

* Anything other than specified force majeure conditions above.

Participants are responsible for their own insurance coverage (accident, liability, etc.). Staying at the event location is at the participant’s own risk.


During the event, participants are aware that the use of techniques, demonstrations and exercises and the execution on themselves or other people is at their own risk and responsibility.


By purchasing the reservation, participants declare that they understand that our events are based on tantric and other alternative practices. It is neither therapy nor a replacement for therapy. The participants hereby release the organizer, the facilitator and the program team from any responsibility for their physical, mental or emotional condition.

If you are suffering from a physical, mental or emotional illness, please contact an appropriate doctor.


We reserve the right to exclude people from events or refuse their participation at any time. Even before the event, if after reviewing the questionnaire we think that it is not the right event for the needs of the person registered. Also during the event if there are any missteps or disruptions to the group's routine.

In these cases, course fees/deposits already paid will be refunded. People excluded from the course are not entitled to reimbursement of further costs (loss of earnings, travel and accommodation costs, etc.).

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