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 ... our SSSummer gathering by the calm lake just outside of the vibrant city of Berlin!

Let's reconnect, share knowledge, delve into the ISTA teachings, practice some Temple arts, and support eachother to embody what it means to live as empowered beings.



It´s more than a random event:

It´s a celebration of life

It´s a symphony of love and eros

A journey into the power and freedom within us.

Register here:




Resource yourself with:

Community & Sharings

Lake & Forest

Sauna & Fire

Workshops & creative art

Dance & expression

Temple spaces & Temple arts

Ceremony & Ritual

Rest & Play







July 18-21


July 18

Arriving from 3.30pm, Opening ceremony 5.30pm- Please make sure you arrrive on time!

July 21

Closing ceremony 1pm, Departure after farewell lunch at 2PM.

This gathering will be a closed container in order to ensure and foster a safe nest for. Attendance from the opening to the closing ceremony is required.
We do not open for people to drop in halfway through. Please make plans accordingly. 




Nestled about 1 hour from Berlin and set on the shores of a beautiful lake, our venue offers various shared accommodation options - from bedrooms in a hotel-style house and dorms in the “boat-house” to shared glamping tents in nature. You may also bring your own camper or tent.

Accommodation preferences are collected via the registration form and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.



Our chef, Mark, specializes in Ayurvedic cuisine and will prepare 3 delicious organic, vegetarian meals daily (from dinner on Thursday to lunch on Sunday). If you have specific dietary needs, feel free to bring additional items.





The prices include accommodation for 4 days and 3 nights, food, sauna access, all workshops, temples and cermemonies


Early bird for the first 30 tickets or until May 20th


•           Shared room: Early bird - €444, Regular - €499

•           Dorm/shared glamping: Early bird - €399, Regular - €444

•           Own bus/tent: Early bird - €388, Regular - €433

We strive to make this event as accessible as possible. 

If finances are a barrier, contact us to explore solutions.



Open to anyone who has completed at least one ISTA training, ensuring a common foundational understanding and experience among participants.


Join us at the SSSummer Gathering Berlin for a journey into aliveness, connection and exploration!

"From tribe for tribe"- for ISTA graduates only

This gathering is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, stepping into sacred exploration and expression together.

The weekend promises time and space for connection, relaxation, enjoyment, and integration.

There will be the offer of a structured program. yet plenty of time and space for spontaneous arisings and relaxation, sunbathing, swims in the lake, dreaming, connecting…..

You can exercise your power of choice, of feeling what´s a YESSS to yourself every day and choose to attend the offerings or to follow your own flow.

The whole weekend is co-created and guided by ISTA Graduates. Their offerings like experiences, rituals, support, practices, talents and wisdom make our gathering unique and special.

If you are feeling called to share your gifts with our tribe, please include your offering(s) in the registration form.



Join us for an immersive and intimate week-end in connection to eachother, nature and the elements


Our lakeside venue features a private beach perfect for nude sunbathing and optional skinny dipping.

Feeling and flowing



Surrounded by vast forests, it’s ideal for walks and forest bathing.
Nurturing and grounding



Gather around the fireplace for songs and stories, with a sauna also available.
Passion and aliveness


Breathe in the forest-nurtured air, breathe out the hustle of daily life. 
Sharing and creativity



A space for communion, listening to the space between us, between our hearts, souls and bodies.  Fostering a deep connection and adding beyond the sum of the individuals.
 Spaciousness and unity



Fill out the form here:


A link for ticket reservation and a €100 deposit will be provided at the end of the form.



Please note that your registration will only be complete after finishing BOTH steps!



  Bring the remaining amount in cash to the event.      




The ISTA Gathering brings together alive, aligned and creative beings. It is assumed that if you feel drawn to this gathering, it is no accident.

With buying the Ticket here and paying the deposit of 100€, you agree to bring the rest of the Ticketprice cash to the event.

Tickets are generally non-refundable. If for some reason you become unable to attend the gathering, the 100€ deposit you pay here will be withheld and are non-refundable in any case. In the event of cancellation from participant side this fee is not transferable to other people.

If we cancel the event, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of further costs (loss of earnings, travel and accommodation costs, etc.). Event fees/deposits/registration fees that have already been paid will be fully refunded.

Participants are responsible for their own insurance coverage (accident, liability, etc.). Staying at the event location is at the participant’s own risk.

During the event, participants are aware that the use of techniques, demonstrations and exercises and the execution on themselves or other people is at their own risk and responsibility.

By purchasing the reservation, participants declare that they understand that this program is based on tantric and other alternative practices. It is neither therapy nor a replacement for therapy.

The participants hereby release the organizer, the facilitator and the program team from any responsibility for their physical, mental or emotional condition.

If you are suffering from a physical, mental or emotional illness, please contact an appropriate doctor.

We reserve the right to exclude people from the course or refuse their participation at any time. Even before the event, if after reviewing the questionnaire we think that it is not the right event for the needs of the person registered. Also during the event if there are any missteps or disruptions to the group's routine.

In these cases, course fees/deposits already paid will be refunded. People excluded from the course are not entitled to reimbursement of further costs (loss of earnings, travel and accommodation costs, etc.).


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